Getting Started

The best way to start working with the API is to create a hirer/agency account on the portal and then download the mobile app to impersonate a worker sending availability to your hirer/agency account.
To follow this tutorial you will need an email address at your company's domain ('company email') and an email address to use as a worker ('worker email'). The worker email account needs to be accessible from an iOS or Android device.

You can then query availability data you add to the mobile app and try out calls before querying the API for real worker data. 

  1. Go to the updatedge portal and sign up for an account with your company email.

  2. Using the portal, select the Invite option on the left-hand navigation and invite your worker email to share their availability.

  3. On your iOS or Android device, find the email invitation in your device's email inbox and using the links provided in the email, download the iOS or Android version from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store as applicable for your device.

  4. When the app has installed, view the onboarding to familiarise yourself with the app features as a worker.

  5. When the onboarding finishes (or if you skip) you will reach the timeline view. Open the menu and tap Contacts. Add the company email as a contact. This is important for authorisation requirements).

  6. Tap the Share Share button and sign up using the worker email.

  7. You should now be able to make API calls to query availability data for the worker using the worker email. Try out calls using your API key within the API documentation or use a REST client such as Postman to make calls to query for your user object, timeline events, and availability.