Each updatedge mobile app user (iOS or Android) is a Worker that sends one or more contacts their availability.

When an updatedge account is created via the mobile app, a new Worker is provisioned on the platform. As the worker uses the app to add events to their timeline and shares them, these are stored and related to their Worker object.

Finding a Worker

To get started with updatedge you will need to identify matching accounts on the platform which relate to the records you are storing internally. For example, if you are a recruitment agency, you need to map your internal worker records to any existing workers already using updatedge.

Manual Matching

You can identify a Worker on updatedge by passing the email address you have for them interally to the FindByEmail endpoint. If a match is found you will be supplied with the Worker Id which you can then pass to the GetWorkerById endpoint.

Webhook Matching

You also have the option of implementing the Worker Added Contact webhook. In this scenario, whenever a Worker adds an email address to their contact list which contains a domain registered to your company, your implementation will be called with the Worker's Id. You can then call the GetWorkerById endpoint with this Id to get further information and attempt to match this user to an internal record.

Building Your Network

Inviting New Workers

To invite your workers to use the updatedge platform, you can issue invitations which take the form of emails. If you invite a worker on a email address that updatedge already has a recognised Worker account for, they will receive an invitation to connect from their existing account. If no match is found, updatedget will send them an email asking them to sign up. Once signup is complete, they will automatically start sending you their availability.

To do this, call the InviteWorker endpoint.

They must signup with the same email address they are invited upon, otherwise updatedge will be unable to automatically add the inviter as a contact.

Inviting New Hirers

Hirers can use the updatedge portal to send offers to workers who share their availabilty with them. You can invite a hirer to the platform and automatically add your agency to their list of preferred agencies. You can do this by calling the InviteHirer endpoint.