You can query the timeline events and availability of workers via the API as long as those workers have at least one email address in their contact list containing a domain registered to your organisation. However, if you want to send a worker an Offer you need to send it on behalf of a registered updatedge User.

Creating a User

An api User needs to be created for each user within your company in order to send offers and invitations. These users exist only at the api level - you cannot use them to login to the portal or the app. To create a user, call the Create endpoint.

Updating a User

If a User details change, you can modify their properties by calling the Update endpoint.

Finding Users

There are 3 ways you can retrieve a User or group of User objects. To get all User's in your organisation call the GetAll endpoint. You can also retrieve a single User by calling GetById or GetByEmail depending on which reference you have.

Removing Users

You can remove a User from your company by calling Delete.

NOTE This action only marks the user as Deleted. This means that offers and other entities previously created on their behalf retain their reference to this User but it can no longer send any offers or login to the portal.